Coffee for restaurant

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But what is the story of the Filicori Zecchini Brand?

Towards the end of the First World War, Luigi Zecchini and Aldo Filicori, had the wonderful idea of creating in Bologna, a unique place, an entrepreneurial space that was able to include the entire coffee industry, starting from the import of the beans until the birth of the espresso.

It was in 1919 when the two entrepreneurs, Filicori and Zecchini, created a coffee shop in the historic center of Bologna, called “La Bottega”. In the Bottega the two entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by a unique love for quality coffee; from the research of raw materials to the study and discovery of the ideal roasting.

Thus began the creation of an authentic coffee.

In 1933, through an important agreement, Filicori Zecchini became the official supplier of the Italian Royal House. The looming war, however, slows down coffee production.

In 1959 Filicori Zecchini inaugurated a factory in Via Dozza, equipped with cutting-edge production technologies. It is precisely on this occasion that the process of roasting and selling coffee to the public develops more and more in an outlet than in a café.

In 1964 Giovanni Filicori transformed this small family-run company into a real industry. Filicori undertakes important investments to acquire new technologies and to weave potential business relationships with the most important coffee producers.

Between 1983 and 1989, the first exports of coffee abroad, represent a great progress of the Filicori Zecchini brand.
The new headquarters is inaugurated and the rise of one of the most famous companies ever in the production of coffee begins.

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