Solve the problem of baldness thanks to Hasci Swiss

A problem that generates embarrassment: alopecia

Baldness is characterized by partial or total hair loss, and when this problem is considerable, it is defined as alopecia. Nowadays there are many people who complain about this problem, a situation that creates discomfort in those who experience it.
In the vast majority of cases, baldness affects men, but it is not uncommon for it to also occur in women or even children. Let’s think, for example, of all those people who live in anguish because they see their hair falling on the pillow day after day.

All of this can represent a real trauma and the fear of not being accepted or marginalized is just around the corner. This condition is often demotivating for the person who experiences it and creates strong psychological discomfort since the treatments often adopted up to that moment have proved useless.

The causes of alopecia can be different, the main one seems to be familiarity, or a genetic predisposition that causes hypersensitivity to male hormones and which is therefore called androgenetic alopecia.
To limit baldness, the doctor may recommend taking vitamin supplements with an antioxidant action which will stimulate the action of still active hair bulbs, although they do not help to regrow hair, but in this case a transplant must be opted for.


How to solve the baldness problem?

Today it is finally possible to say stop to the baldness problem thanks to Hasci Swiss, the clinic that takes care of its patients’ hair through cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing them healthy and natural hair.
Hasci Swiss represents a solid point of reference both in Switzerland and in the world for hair transplantation. By adopting cutting-edge technologies and techniques, the clinic takes care of its patients so that they have a healthy and natural appearance.

The method he uses is called Hair Stem Cell Transplantation and is an absolutely revolutionary transplant that is based on many years of research experience on hair stem cells. The creator of the method is Dr. Coen Gho who for 30 years has studied stem cells together with his team, great allies in combating the problem of baldness.

In the past, the doctor found himself working with young burn patients, personally seeing how painful hair transplantation could be and leave quite evident scars. But what does the Hair Stem Cell Transplantation method consist of?

A small part of the hair follicle is extracted, rather than the entire follicle. In fact, even a small portion contains a quantity of stem cells inside, useful for growing new hair follicles in the receptor area. Therefore, if the area from which the follicle was taken does not become depleted but rather continues with its natural regrowth process, the transplanted area is enriched with new follicles.

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and therefore is not painful for the patient at all. The first results will not be visible immediately, but it will be necessary to wait 9 months. The operation is performed by a top-level medical staff, a team of trained specialists who are constantly updated on the latest news. For more information on the intervention, you can visit the Hasci Swiss web page through the link you find in this text.